Regina's Cajun Kitchen

60 North Main St,

Memphis, TN 38103



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**Park Thursday- Saturday from 5pm-9pm. $2.00 for 3 hours **During restaurant hours**


Bacon Wrapped Shrimp 8.99 

Crawfish Bread 9.99  

Fried Green Tomatoes 5.99 

Cajun Egg Rolls 2 for 6 

Chargrilled Oysters 15.99/20.99 

Fried Pickles 6.99 

Cajun Nachos/Fries 6.99/12.99  *Make it loaded for $3 more! 

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

5 Stuffed with Blue Cheese wrapped in bacon


Cra​wfish Bread

Tri-Peppers with crawfish tails in a crawfish cheese sauce on a baguette 



fried Green Tomatoes




Get a half dozen or one full dozen oysters on a half shell chargrilled with butter and cheese



Fried Bayou Sampler         27.99

4 Frog Legs, Calamari, 1 Lobster Tail, and Crawfish Tails


seaFOOD  pLatter

1 Catfish, 4 shrimp, 4 oysters, 1 soft shell crab, 2 stuffed crabs, crawfish tails and your choice of fries, okra or hush puppies.  


NOLA Sampler

Gator Stew, Shrimp Creole, Crawfish Mac & Cheese, and Jambalaya



Ms. Brenda Specialty

Seafood or Chicken and sausage gumbo, Crawfish Etouffee, Red Beans and Rice and Turnip Green Soup. 


Boil Sampl​er

1 King Crab, 1 Snow Crab Cluster, 1 Blue Crab, 3 Shrimp, 3 BBQ Shrimp


*Regina's Favorites

Shrimp & Grits- Shrimp, crawfish tails, diced peppers, with a cheese-based crawfish sauce on a bed of creamy grits. 13.99

Chicken & Waffles- 2 whole wings dipped in your favorite sauce with a Belgium waffle. 10.50

Shrimp Creole- Tri-peppers with Cajun seasoning in a tomato-based sauce with sausage, okra, and shrimp over a bed of rice. 10.99

Crawfish Etouffee- Diced peppers with a blend of Cajun seasonings and crawfish tails in a tomato-based sauce on a bed of rice. 10.99

Seafood Mac & Cheese- King crab, lump crab meat, crawfish tails, shrimp, topped with fried oysters in a cheddar and pepper jack cheese sauce on a bed of macaroni. 18.99

Beef & Broccoli Bowl- Seasoned beef with stemmed broccoli sautéed with onion and bell peppers in a savory beef stock. 8.50


All po’boys are dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. They are served with your choice of fries, okra, or hush puppies. Upgrade your fries to Cajun fries for $3 more!

Shrimp     12.99          15.50

Hot Sausage 10.50  13.50

Catfish    11.50          14.50

Ham &Cheese 9.50  12.50

Roast Beef w/gravy       12.50      16.50        

Crawfish Tails         11.99

Oyster      13.99          18.99

Shrimp & Oyster      17.50

Catfish & Shrimp    16.00

Chicken Salad         8.99

*Seafood By The Pound

Shrimp                        15.99

Snow Crab                 22.99

King Crab                   36.99

Craw Fish                   8.99 or 3lb for $20 

Mussels                      12.99 



Corn (2)                       1.99 

Sausage                     2.99

Potatoes (2)              1.99 

Turkey Neck              2.99

Boiled Egg (2)           1.50 

Mushrooms (6)         2.00

*Seafood Bags

tHE mUD bAG-  $30.99

2LB crawfish 

1/2 lb Shrimp

1 corn 2 Potates

The Big Easy Bag-  $40.00

1lb Snow Crab

1/2 Mussels

6 Shrimp

1 Sausage

1 Corn

2 Potatoes


The Bourbon Bag

2 lbs Snow Crab

1 lb Shrimp

2 Sausage

2 Corn

2 Potatoes

2 Boiled Eggs


*All prices subject to change and website may not be updated.

The Riverboat Bag

4lb Snow Crab

2lb King Crab

2lb Shrimp

1lb Mussels

2 Turkey Necks

2 Sausage

4 Corn



Vegan Wing Basket-  $8.99

6 vegan tofu wings with your choice of fries, okra, or hushpuppies. Upgrade to vegan mac & cheese for and additional $1.00 

Cajun Vegan Fries/Nachos

Frie​s with Vegan Cheese and Vegan beef Crumbles.

$6.99 sm

$12.99  lg

Vegan Baked Spaghetti

Pasta vegan cheese, vegan beef crumbles and vegan tomato base pasta sauce.


*All prices subject to change and website may not be updated.

Vegan Alfredo

Vegan Alfredo with spinach, mushrooms and tofu on a bed of pasta.


Veggie Rice Bowl

Sautéed mixed veggies with a sweet chili sauce on a bed of rice with a roll